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Karosta Prison Hotel

Located in Latvia, this haunted hotel allows you to pay them to be a treated as a prioner during your stay. Before Karosta was a hotel, it used to be a military prison that was used by both the Soviets and Nazis. Many people died there, mostly by gun shot to the head, so this place is considered haunted by many people.

Before you can be a “guest” at the hotel, you have to sign an agreement that allows the hotel to treat you as a prisoner. This includes living in an iron cell, sleeping on an old mattress, letting the guards yell at you, etc. Failure to do any of this will result in punishment, which means that you have to do chores around the hotel, like cleaning.



Magnetic Rose, from Memories. Directed by Kōji Morimoto and animated by Studio 4°C. Script by noted anime director Satoshi Kon, based on a story by Katsuhiro Otomo.



do not trust people who get excited about halloween they may in fact be skeletons

chocomintcandy asked: can i draw you a goat?

Oh my goodness, I’d be honored!

Might I sneakily suggest my goat, Pinchy? (warning for some gross stuff and occult themes) But in all seriousness, any goat you’d wanna draw I would love to see and share!

1990s PaRappa the Rapper toaster

1990s PaRappa the Rapper toaster


Blue Rhythm (1931)


Blue Rhythm (1931)



gotta find a hospital! gotta call mom…!

it was really fun to draw these beat up kids i may need help

Fuck, these are really awesome.



Bringing this back. Makes me laugh everytime

I’ll never regret making this video. 

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