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Lord Kuruku settei (model sheets) from “Unico and the Island of Magic”.

Lord Kuruku is probably one of the most animated anime villains out there. While he has a basic form, it’s quite rare that he keeps it for more than 3 seconds. He’s constantly morphing, stretching, squashing… he is a proverbial bouncy ball. 

The designers and animators really hit the nail on the head with Kuruku. Everyone else in the film is constantly on model, so you can depend on them keeping their form. Kuruku is the complete opposite, and as such he is that much more affective as a scary villain. You never know if and when he’s going to scream at you, grow humongous, or anything out of the ordinary; He is unpredictable in both behavior and animation. Kuruku relishes in the fear he causes, and it’s not hard to see how people in the film are scared of him. He is such an amazing example of how contrasts (in this case, animation and unpredictability in comparison to everyone else in the film) can push both story and character to extremes.

* Images from Like A Butterfly, “Unico and the Island of Magic”

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    THIS thing here…… He fucked my subconscious up for life. Everything spherical has made me inexplicably uncomfortable...
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    Wow, what a cool find! Lord Kuruku is indeed one of the most memorable anime villains in what is arguably one of the...
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    I feel like I’d still be hard-pressed today to name a better children’s movie. :D
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    EEEE. I love Kuruku, he is charming and terrifying and even gained a little of my sympathy, while being uncompromisingly...
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