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ame art: "I want to go to japan and be a mangaka"






do u rly?

dont crush ppls dreams………without mangaka people then nobody would kno what a naruto was

I don’t honestly see what the big deal is. In America, if you’re an independent or freelance artist, you don’t even have assistants sometimes.

As someone who has worked on comics for insane amounts of time for months on end- this schedule is still completely unreasonable, largely because the artists are working on deadlines from week to week instead of most american comic artists who have a month to get their issues out. 

Making a living doing comics is far from easy but being overworked this much is a damn death wish. 

Based on what Felipe Smith has said, manga editors relay on thumbnails rather than page sketches to do their job. In other words, the thumbnails are necessary and they need lots of them. I’d be willing to bet this chart is correct based on his experiences working with a Japanese publishing company and editor for his manga, “Peepo-Choo”.

Also, based on my experiences in the animation field, it is common practice for Asian animators to spend nearly all hours of the day at their desk. (lots of cots!)  I know it’s not the same, but I would wager that manga also requires a tighter schedule than here in the USA. Everything is week to week pretty much.

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